Eduverse Expeditions installation

Eduverse Expeditions installation

If you have Google Expeditions kits or just an Android phone and Google Cardboard viewer you can access Eduverse Expeditions in Virtual Reality.

To install the application file (known as an APK) on your mobile phone you can enter this link into your browser or scan this QR code

Eduverse Expeditions is only compatible with Android devices
This type of installation is known as "side loading" because the APK file doesn't come directly from the app store and will vary between device types. This article gives a comprehensive guide that covers most scenarios, but if you need any further help please get in touch.
Make sure you have also install the Google Cardboard app and registered your viewer
Once the app is installed you can launch it to jump straight into the Eduverse "homeroom" and start your solo expedition. If you want to join a guided session, just launch the QR code scanner and scan the join code.
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