[ INTERNAL ] MicroSIP Configuration and setup

[ INTERNAL ] MicroSIP Configuration and setup

MicroSIP is an open source solution for Windows OS.

  1. Download the relevant App here : https://www.microsip.org/downloads
  1. Once installed click the drop down and choose 'Add Account...'


  1. The configuration will require a new password to be created or your current VOIP password - if known ( request this from the support team )
  1. Enter all the details as they are shown here.  The elements highlighted red should represent your own details and extension.

  1. The 'username' and 'login' will always be your current extension preceded by '2488'
  1. Once saved the MicroSIP app should appear 'online'.

You may need to adjust the settings for audio and mic in the 'settings' of the MicroSIP application.  Adjust accordingly.

If you change back to using a physical desk phone it will need to be configured via IP by the support team as only one method of connectivity can be used at any one time.

If you require any assistance or experience any problems using the MicroSIP app please contact your support team on ext 570