Murus LPM165 Re-Flash

Murus LPM165 Re-Flash

Please contact Technical support ( for a link to download the required 2016-01-28 rev file.

You will need the remote control for this procedure.

Download and extract the zip file.
Obtain a memory stick and format with FAT32.
Copy the file MstarUpgrade.bin to the root of the memory stick.
Depending on the model, you also need to copy the file from the relevant subdirectory to the root of the memory stick. 
If the Murus has an embedded OPS PC, then copy from LPM165PC, otherwise take it from LPM165.
Once you have a memory stick that has MstarUpgrade.bin and in the root directory, turn off the Murus with the rocker switch and insert the stick into the "MEDIA USB" port on the front (second port from the left)
While the Murus is still off, hold the MENU button on the front right down and then flick the rocker switch.
If firmware flash mode started correctly, you should see the LED flashing slowly between red and green. If you don't see this, turn it off and try again.
After a moment the device will boot up and get to a screen showing just the title bar containing the old LearnPad icon, and the text "Category"
At this stage, you need the remote control
Press the Home button on the Remote Control.
Choose "Setting", then "Backup / Update", then "System Update", then "Local Update"
You should see messages indicating that an update has been found. Press the "Update" button.
The device will reboot into recovery mode, and apply the update.
After a moment the device should boot up again it may get stuck on the LearnPad boot screen. If it does then just power cycle it.
After a few moments, press OK on the "LearnPad has stopped" dialog
You should just have the "Complete action using" dialog. Choose "LearnPad" the press the "Always" button.
At this stage, if you recieve the "LearnPad has stopped" message. Power cycle it again.
The device should now be in the LearnPad tablet interface and on version 463. The portal should have recognised it and mapped it into the correct org, so you should now be able to upgrade it the latest release version (523).
From there it should go back to the SNAPS interface, and the procedure is complete.

After this you will need to re-join the Murus to your WiFi network.
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