Your Eduverse Account

Your Eduverse Account

What is Eduverse?

Eduverse powers all of the Avantis products and your Eduverse account allows you access to all of them.  ClassVR, ClassConnect and Avanti's World with a single unified login.


If I create an account on ClassVR can I log in to Avantis World?

Yes, an account created on either service with allow you to use the same details to login to all services.

Can I still use Google or Microsoft SSO to login into ClassVR?

Yes, all accounts have been migrated; if you only used ClassVR in the past you now can use the same SSO login to access Avantis World.

Has my password changed?

If you were only registered with Avanits World you may need to update your password using the 'Forgot your password' link.  Unless of course you were using 'Single Sign On' for Microsoft or Google, then your password is managed by your provider.

Why are there two logins for Avantis World?

You now have the standard 'Teacher' and 'Student' login pages for Avantis World for different levels of access.  Invites sent to students to join your classes will use the 'Student Login'.

I've never used Avantis World, what content access do I have?

All users will be given the default access at "Free Teacher" level.  Details can be found here :

For further assistance or guidance please contact the Avantis Support Team
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